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Renan Gueguen, the captain of Sea Ride Esprit Mer, offers private boat trips and water sports. His upmarket customized services are available all year round, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Based in Le Pradet, Renan Gueguen operates from Bandol to Saint-Tropez. Competent and smiling, Renan is the ultimate sea professional, having the safety of his passengers foremost in his mind. Are you on holiday in the French Riviera or do you live in the region? Are you fond of quiet cruises or are you thrill seekers? You should contact Renan Gueguen in any case, as long as you are sea lovers. Here is a small selection of Renan Gueguen's services: - Private boat to go to the beautiful Golden Isles beaches.
- Exploration of the mysterious and wild creeks of Toulon Bay.
- Photo shooting on Langoustier beach.
- Best snorkeling spots of the Levant Island to enjoy the wonders of the underwater world.
- Paddle around the idyllic and unforgettable Giens Peninsula. - Lazing around, swimming and sunbathing on the amazing beaches of the bay of Hyères.
- Whale watching in the Pelagos sanctuary: enjoy the thrill of seeing dolphins and whales.
- Boat trips to discover the fauna and flora of the Mediterranean Sea.
- Enjoy the July 14th fireworks at sea from the deck of a boat.
- Romantic cruises and picnics on the Silver beach.
- Boat rental to attend the exhibitions of the Carmignac foundation.
- Quick tour of the Port-Cros National Park for tourists in a hurry.
These are just a few examples among the many services offered by Sea Ride Esprit Mer. Renan Gueguen will make it easy for his clients: they are the ones who decide what they want to do. There’ll be no fixed timetables or predetermined routes, Renan will adapt to your wishes. Whether you know exactly what you want to do or not, contact Renan Gueguen. You should know that when Renan Gueguen says he’s adaptable, he means it.

You should also know you can hire Sea Ride as if you were hiring a car with a driver, but at sea ! Your captain will pick you up wherever you are: nearest ports, beaches, islands, seaside restaurants. And if you are more adventurous and want to wait feet in the water, no problem, your captain will pick you up at sea! On board the Apsara, an elegant 7m50 semi-rigid Joker boat, you’ll live unforgettable moments that will remain etched in your memories for a long time. The Apsara is the pleasure boat par excellence with its large foredeck and comfortable bench seat. It’s the ideal boat to organize boat trips with family or friends.
For those who want to spice up a cruise on the Apsara, let us tell you that you can practice all kinds of water sports during a boat trip. And what if you like water sports but don't really like sailing far from the coast? In both cases, Renan Gueguen got you covered : he’s been teaching water sports for years and he’ll be the perfect coach.
We promise you there won’t be two similar cruises with Sea Ride Esprit Mer, experiences will be unique. And when a Breton promises you something, rest assured he’ll do everything to keep his word.
Let the spirit of the sea weave its magic and contact Sea Ride Esprit Mer!
You'll love it!
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Be ready, we are ready!

Renan Gueguen is the captain of Sea Ride Esprit Mer. Before his Pelagos Sanctuary days, Renan built his character playing against tough but loyal adversaries on the rugby fields of Paris. An accomplished sportsman, Renan became captain of the PUC before coaching the Science-Po Paris rugby team. After getting a sports education degree, Renan started his career as a sports teacher in schools of the French capital.

One day, after one too many grey days and sad faces in metro, Renan thought how nice it would be to feel the warm sun and to see some smiles. Without a moment’s thought, Renan decided to follow his guts: remembering how happy he was when he had the chance to spend holiday in Var, he moved to Pradet and passed his captain's certificate. Afterwards he purchased a boat he named Apsara. For those who wouldn’t know, the Apsaras are, in Sanskrit, those who slide on water. From now on, it would become Renan’s philosophy: sliding on water with a new feeling of freedom. Born a new man, Renan embarked on a new journey: he would offer boat trips and water sports, more than happy to share with others the happiness and serenity he felt whenever he left to explore the Mediterranean sea he loved so much. As a genuine Mediterranean ecosystem lover and a true water sports enthusiast, Renan Gueguen will warmly welcome you aboard the Apsara, his comfy semi-rigid, always keen to show you the hidden treasures of the Port-Cros National Park.

As a kite surf instructor, Renan has the skills to teach kitesurfing, wakeboarding, foil or even the basics of paddle. From his teaching days, Renan has kept his skill to work with teenagers: he will use all his teaching tricks to make sure that your children's water activities will be perfectly safe.

Kindness, safety, achievement and cheerfulness are the favorite words of Sea Ride Esprit Mer. On top of that, Renan is polyglot as he speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese. Tell your foreign friends about him. Come and share with him breathtaking moments in this preserved and idyllic corner of the Mediterranean where he has chosen to live.

Welcome aboard the Apsara!

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